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Summer School

Social Enterprise for Economic Development – SEED

INTRODUCTION Cultural understanding in the study of management becomes increasingly important when the world activity becomes borderless. This condition encourages the study of management to develop new capabilities that can accommodate activities involving individuals whose different cultural backgrounds. Inspired by this urgency, School of Business and Management – ITB and Asia Research Center – University […]

Summer School on Computational Modeling in Geosciences

Introduction Modeling in geosciences is necessary in a wide range of fields such as physics, geophysics, petroleum engineering, geothermal, oceanography, hydrology, and can even be applied in other fields. Elementary geology, surface geophysics, and petrography will be given as introductory topics. Through the summer school program, students are expected to be able to obtain a […]


Summer School SAPPK 2018 Summer School SAPPK 2018 is a special two-weeks program initiated by Architecture Program, School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. This program will explore new approaches and methods in the design process, harnessing the advancement of digital tools applied to and assist in architectural and built environment […]

ITB-ANU-KIT Joint Summer School 2018 on Geohazards

ITB-ANU-KIT Joint Summer School 2018 on Geohazards 1 – 14 April 2018 Institut Teknologi Bandung – Indonesia The Summer School This 2-weeks program offers a comphrehensive introduction to the subject of geohazards – especially earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruption – from the point view of geoscience. The program will involve several excursions to Tangkuban Parahu […]

Summer School 2018

Summer School 2018

Salah satu misi dari Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) adalah memiliki reputasi yang sangat baik menuju World Class University. Untuk mewujudkan hal tersebut, salah satu indikator yang digunakan adalah dengan meningkatkan kualitas atmosfer pembelajaran yang bersifat internasional, baik dari sisi narasumber maupun mahasiswa. Oleh sebab itu, ITB harus terus meningkatkan mutu pendidikan dan kualitas pengembangan riset […]